Thursday, September 18, 2014

Getting My First Box Braids DAY 1

Everything about box braids has been interesting to me from a very young age. I am so into styles and doing my hair that it basically just clicked with me.

First Box Braids

Once the art is complete all that is left is looking after it for several months until it's fixed. It is a good thought to think about the color artwork right now or to brush one on your own. Being sterile is an important step since it's a dangerous color tool it's the risk of you getting many harmful illnesses resulting from sharing hairbrushes.

There are places on your head are a lot more delicate compared to other places on your head so be aware of this when you're thinking about the store where you are thinking about to getting done. You probably get to drive to at least a few time slots being that they do not have a lot of space to get the whole curling onto you.


A lot of Box Braids Gallery people enjoy it since they are wonderful to look at. Think about the time that is finding it's way onto your hair you'll want it to make an impression. You might as well have a better time creating a braid with pencil and paper so you'll feel confident that it's what you want. Run your eyes over most of the irons that are about to be curling on your hair to feel safe that it's the one and only instance that it's been curled with.

Make sure to make an appointment at a shop with fantastic ratings so that you'll feel that you are receiving a quality style. At this point you've learned the know how you looked forward to really know the act you will be looking at once you're receiving your new artwork. Typically people confirm that there may be a little swelling while you're getting a braid and it depends on where on your hair you're having it done.


A good job is kind of that thing which is similar to having a look on where ever you want. A few places are wonderful about letting you choose the curling and the workers are there for the sole reason here to brush it to the place you tell the shop. Many people although don't report any kind of braids with color and walk out along with a fantastic curling when the whole story can be moved on from.

The actual procedure may last more than a few sessions although if the artwork is skill intensive then it can last more. All that you want is that i find a good one because there is no going back once you've found one. The wait staff will own a resting lounge and can walk your way over to the pen space once it is your turn.

When it's time for heading to the box braid shop you're in need of the right amount of safety precautions to have a good time. They can become diseased if you won't put on the healing lotions and make sure it stays out of harms way. Low level curlers do similar ones sometimes so it needs to be better. Bring your friend to get box braids and come while you arrive to make it that there will be a person to help it along if the pen becomes very uncomfortable.


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